My heart is with her

My heart is with her, always.
Wherever she goes in this path of life,
My heart is with her, always.

As she leaves, a part of me leaves with her.
I then immediately reminisce on our joys, our moments of laughter,
I reflect on our shared tears, our hardships, that make us grow.

Regardless of the highs and lows, the obstacles that we face,
And just like the promise I have made to her, since her first breath,
We will forever be connected, my sweet baby girl.
My heart is with you, always, whatever you do, whatever you choose, wherever you go.
Perhaps it is this forced distance between us that makes me cherish every moment spent with you, knowing that moment will end, but surely, a new one awaits us, eventually.

Your presence in my life has given me a renewed purpose. In my lifetime, I have felt lost and drowning in fear, and the light that shines brightly within you has always been a reminder of one inevitable fact:

Life is how you choose to see it. It’s all a question of perception.

And there you are, beautiful, loving, soft, funny angel, teaching me so many wonderful things. Surely, I have done something right in my life to deserve your presence.

I love you, my beautiful baby girl. If only you knew how much, if you only knew…

God bless you and protect you.

My heart is with you, always.