Remember Who You Are

November 2020

There comes a time in your life, a time where you’ve grown, analyzed inside out all that there is, and blamed yourself endlessly for things you are not responsible for.

There comes a time in your life where you chose not to go through, or live negativity, regardless of the…

Take it in, take it all in, savor every minute, every second, every single moment. Swirl, twirl, spin and cover yourself with this unbelievable feeling.

However, remember the power it holds over you at its highest, how inebriating it is, to be caught in the euphoria of the moment. I…

Onward and Forward, by the light of your presence my sweet child.

Every time I look at her

My heart overflows

I am overwhelmed by pride

Deep inside I wonder

How I could ever be so lucky

She chose me to be her mother

To be her guide

To nurture her, to give her all the love and care she longs for

There she was, spitfire, beautiful and free spirit, on the usual Stage of her Life. Lights were dimmed, she couldn’t see who was sitting in the dark, in the audience. She stood there with the spotlight almost blinding her sight. …

November 2021

When you have an angel in your life,
You think of her non stop; she is in your mind,
Your heart, your soul.

You feel her joys as well as her sorrows.

You know that, one day, she will fly by her own wings,
but you promise to be there everytime,
to catch her when she falls.

You wish for a perfect world for her,
but you admire her for being so resilient
in a space and time filled with hardships.

You pray for her everyday and wait for her return.
She is the sole reason why you do everything that you do.

This is how you feel when you have an angel in your life.

There are these facts of life that are strong and undeniable.

There are these moments, that are unforgettable and their memory will be everlasting.

Hold on to them, and cherish them.

It is those very moments, they bring you greatest joy and comfort.




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A new day begins

Regardless of what was felt before

We say,

Thank you God, dear universe, whatever you believe in,

Thank you for the privilege of another day,

Thank you for surrounding me with love and light,

Enough to put aside the irrelevance that can somehow disrupt your balance,

Gratitude and an important reminder,

Even in tougher days,

Gratitude and a reminder, that no day is guaranteed,

Let’s make the most of it.

ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ

In the midst of the return of darkness,

As the cold breeze settles in comfortably,

A reminder of loneliness comes back to me,

The desire and yearning for warmth resurges.

But this time, you can woo me, seduce me, make me believe the unbelievable and say all the right words

Lara Zada

Listen to the rhythm of your own calling, and follow that. You are exactly where you need to be.

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